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HPC Cluster

About the technology:

HPC (High-Performance computing) Cluster is the technological solution of the BigData class. It includes a combination of approaches, tools and methods of processing structured and unstructured data of huge volumes, as well as a considerable variety of reception of the perceived results, and utilizes the BlockChain technology. It is effective in conditions of continuous growth, distribution through numerous nodes of a computer network, which are an alternative to traditional Database management systems and Business Intelligence class solutions.

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GectaHPC BlockChain

HPC Cluster is an extremely topical product in today’s business. There is no doubt in the growth of volume and diversity of data, as well as requirements for the processing speed.

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GectaCoin is an accounting unit, which we developed for the needs of our partner — post-informational Community Synterium.

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GectaExchange is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform within the global financial ecosystem that is created for the progression of GectaCoin exchange rate.

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GectaDealing is a comprehensive solution in the form of the financial ecosystem of a new generation.

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