Central Marketing Limited is a global provider of informational services in the field of storage and data processing, which develops a storage of the BigData class and uses innovative technologies such as BlockChain.

The company’s solutions leverage both the latest technologies and emerging ones, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), in ways that create business differentiation and advantage for Customers.

The company’s activities are focused on high-quality solutions for the large corporate sector, which has an influence on every sphere of human activity, where reasonable human act becomes determining factor of progress.

This type of system promotes the processing and business analysis of informational data sets to a higher level that allows us to give more precise results in the context of business intelligence.

Our solutions

HPC Cluster

  • GectaHPC BlockChain
  • GectaCoin
  • GectaExchange
  • GectaDealing
  • GectaWallet